Trust us – choosing the best chemical peel treatment isn’t easy. When considering a chemical peel treatment, you must always consider the type of treatment your skin may require first:

  • Acne
  • Discolored skin or hyperpigmentation
  • Prominent fine lines/wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Restoration of elasticity or rough skin

The methodology is simple, yet it’s not always an easy task and almost always requires a consultation with the spa first. With a chemical peel service, the spa introduces a solution to your skins surface which will in effect remove its top-most epidermis layer causing it “peel” off. This unique effect which happens by design can last anywhere from three to ten days from your initial service – so don’t get scared immediately when it looks like the peeling won’t stop! This is a normal occurrence which will subside on its own. It also depends what type of service you choose which almost always determines how long this process will last. With chemical peels, there can be many types to choose from, but two of the most popular types of peels are superficial peels and medium peels.

Superficial peels will keep your skin the most resilient, involved minimal penetration of the epidermis and will gently exfoliate. These types of peels are generally only designed for minor skin issues such as light acne or minor discoloration. Medium-level peels penetrate the skin a bit further with the use of glycolic acid which can reach the middle and outer layers of skin cells which allowing it to be more effective than superficial peels.

Other types of peels which are offered at our salon are:

  • Anti-aging peels
  • Acne-specific peels
  • Delicate skin peels
  • Brightening peels
  • Environmental peels

Be sure to call the shop for more information, or to book your appointment now for one of our many chemical peel services at (609) 584-1775, or, alternatively you may use the booking form on our site:

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