Top 3 Things to Do When Interviewing at a New Salon

There’s many common, and some not so common things to look out for when interviewing at a new hair salon. Hopefully by this point you did at least a little bit of research, because this article is going to be about how during an interview the biggest key thing is  for you to really assume the role of the interviewer. While that might seem far fetched, remember that you are hopefully planting your laurels – and your scissors – at this new position for many years to come.

1.) Make sure you understand the type of clientele

Do a little bit of research for this. for this one if you don’t truly know, a good tip is to check out the shops Google reviews. There, you will find the average or not-so-average type of person that likes to visit. Do they do a lot of highlights, blow-outs, or is it a family oriented shop? See what people are saying to get sort of an idea. This way during the interview, you can seem well-read and talk about the client demographics with the person who is interviewing you, which they will very much appreciate if you have a pre-existing understanding of their business…it may translate to less time they need to spend onboarding you, which is a win-win for everyone since you can hit the ground running.

2.) How reputable is the shop?

Sure everyone knows good work by word of mouth in this business, but does the business go the extra step with say, their digital presence? Take a look at their social channels, does it look like they put thought or effort into the way they look online? As more and more commerce shifts into the digital realm, a business who’s manager has a LinkedIn profile for instance, or looks like they put general thought and effort into their online posts could be a tell for the type of volume of business to expect beyond your book. Also, pay careful attention to what others are saying online…there’s a cross between someone who was upset about one isolated issue, vs. a pattern of people upset over a period of time.

3.) This is about YOU!

Make sure you talk about your book of business, and show how personable you are. We spend hours and hours with our clients over the course of days if not years…where some as you may know even call us family…and vice versa! This part is where you get to sell yourself, and demonstrate how happy you are to not just come in to work and advance your career everyday, but also make meaningful, and long lasting relationships.

But most of all…good luck!


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