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Five Nighttime Skin Care Tips You Might Not Have Heard Of That Actually Work!

You might not think of your nighttime skin care routine as being all that important, but it’s actually the most essential part of your daily skin care regimen! While you sleep, your body restores itself and produces new cells, meaning that you should make sure to apply night cream every night before bed in order to make your skin healthy and glowing by morning. Here are five nighttime skin care tips you might not have heard of that will actually help get rid of wrinkles, blemishes and other skin issues—all while you sleep!

1.) Exfoliate Your skin

Perhaps obvious to some, but exfoliating your skin before bed is a crucial step to nighttime skincare and isn’t just part of your morning “wake-me-up” routine. As you sleep, the natural oils and dead skin cells on your face will accumulate and can clog your pores. Exfoliating with a product that contains alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic or lactic acid will help remove dead skin cells, brighten your complexion, and decrease breakouts. Plus, it’s great for removing makeup as well!

2.) Apply a Retinol Serum Before You Sleep

A retinol serum before bed can help your skin regenerate and repair itself…so be sure to apply this type of serum one to two hours before bed, then apply your nighttime moisturizer. Wait at least 15 minutes for the serum to absorb into the skin before applying your night cream, or allow it to absorb on its own overnight. The important thing is that you use this skincare routine while you are sleeping. Your skin repairs itself during sleep. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day: Sunscreen is key in preventing wrinkles, acne and dark spots from developing on your face throughout the years.

3.) Use an Overnight Mask

Overnight masks are great because they can be applied before bed and you don’t have to worry about them wearing off in the middle of the night. If you want your skin to look brighter, opt for a mask with a hydrating ingredient like coconut water or hyaluronic acid. If you need help with acne, try a clay-based mask that will absorb any excess oils on your skin. First, apply a cleanser. Follow up by using an exfoliator such as retinol or chemical peel that removes dead cells and impurities from the skin’s surface. Use a soothing moisturizer if you feel dry.

After applying these products, put on an overnight mask. Be sure to avoid fragrances since these ingredients may react negatively with your other skincare products when it’s time to wash them off in the morning!

To complete your nighttime routine, use lip balm and finally apply eye cream around your eyes area which is often one of the first places where wrinkles show up!

4.) Don’t Forget About Your Neck and Chest

The neck and chest are often neglected when it comes to nighttime skin care. But these areas can also be prone to breakouts, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to cleanse and moisturize them before bed. It’s equally important to make sure that you dry your skin after showering or washing your face; damp skin is more vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria. If you’re looking for something new, try using silk pillowcases in order to prevent irritation on the delicate facial skin.

5.) The Obvious: Remove That Makeup!

Washing your face before bed is a must for nighttime skincare. Makeup can clog pores and cause breakouts, so always take the time to clean your skin when you head to bed. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry. If you use an eye cream, be sure to apply it now before continuing with the rest of your nighttime skincare routine. Lastly, apply moisturizer all over your face, neck and chest area.

Top 5 Hairstyles Still “Blowing Out” 2022!

Hair trends change constantly, but there are certain looks that seem to stick around and be relevant every year. Whether it’s the pompadour or the undercut, some hairstyles have been popular since long before you were born! Here are five hairstyles of 2022 you should try out while they’re still hot.

1.) The Return of the Bob

In 2022, hair trends are all about simplicity and ease of styling. The bob cut is a versatile haircut that will never go out of style because it can be styled in so many different ways. Simple yet chic, the bob is the perfect hairstyle for women who want to look professional yet youthful at the same time. It also pairs well with most face shapes, making it easy to find your ideal style no matter what you’re looking for.

In addition to this retro ‘do, the wavy lob and long layered bobs are also making their comebacks. These styles are best suited for those with shorter or mid-length locks as they require less maintenance and show off your natural texture better than most cuts do. Lastly, we have faux-bob—a new technique that involves lifting sections of your real hair and fastening them around an elastic band until you reach the desired length. The result is a full head of volume without sacrificing any length or thickness!

2.) Braids are Here to Stay

Braids, braided hair, and whatever your favorite style of braid may be are still wildly popular and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They work with any hair length, thickness, or texture! Some people like to mix them up and do a different braid for each side of their head. If you have bangs, braiding them back is a great way to get them out of your face. Some women even use braids as an alternative to hairspray: wet your hair then braid it so that it can hold its shape better!

3.) Asymmetrical Cuts are Still Trending

Trends always come and go, but this one looks like it will stick around for a while. Asymmetrical cuts are all the rage in 2022. Achieving a look similar to these can be done with different lengths on either side of the face, or by letting your hair grow out and only cutting off one side. If you’re looking to get an asymmetric haircut, make sure you know what you want ahead of time so that you don’t end up with something completely different than what you expected!

4.) The Half-Up, Half Down Look is Still Popular

In 2022, the half-up, half-down look remains to be a popular trend. The style is one of the most versatile hair trends and can be styled many different ways. The look has evolved from being a casual chic hairstyle to a polished and sophisticated style that you can wear for work or an evening out.

It is created by pulling the top section of your hair up into a ponytail and then back down into a low bun. It is possible to wear it in various ways depending on what type of event you are going to attend. You can wear it as an elegant up-do or as messy waves for more casual events.

5.) Bold Colors for 2023…and Beyond!

This year, we saw hair colors that were a bit more on the wild side. Cool tones, like blues and purples, will take over as well as the neon brights that were popular in 2020. And don’t forget the rainbow! This is the perfect way to make your style really stand out against all of those pastel shades that were so popular last year. The best part? You can rock this color for a few days without worrying about washing it out. Rainbow hair is here to stay!


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