“Sweeping” treatments such as Balayage hair services are those which which in effect, are a new way to create highlights for your hair. Many people may not know what this process really entails, so here is information which goes over our multi-step process that will create a more natural and most times, “softer” type of look which won’t have anyone in disbelief wondering why you let anyone at all touch your hair!

The process is really quite simple (well, for us anyway!) – in contrast to the traditional foil approach that most are familiar with, balayage is a free hand process that allows your stylist to hand select the hair that they wish to have highlighted, with no parts of the hidden and out of reach underneath tons of foil which honestly, isn’t really that great for your hair all the time.

The treatment itself primarily focuses around the mid shaft through the end sections of your hair. Not to be confused with the “ombre” look that is also still wildly popular, balayage creates a less drastic look and leaves your hair not just looking more natural, but overall more healthy as well!

Be sure to call the shop for more information, or to book your appointment now for one of our many balayage services at (609) 584-1775, or, alternatively you may use the booking form on our site: http://www.amissalonandspa.com/services

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