There Coudn’t Be a Better Time to See if Microdermabrasion is Right For You, Read to Find Out Why!

There has never been a better time to try out microdermabrasion, which for a long time wasn’t available at spa locations such as as ours. Now as easy as ever to access, our salon offers a crystal free version of the popular treatment which is even gentler on your skin, with a diamond tip which is easier on the skin offering optimal results for those with sensitive skin.

Our crystal-free version of the treatment is similar to using a fine-grained paper in order to keep your skin looking brand new, which in most cases requires more than one treatment to achieve optimal results…however you will notice a difference after your first visit. All of our microdermabrasion tools feature a closed loop system which limit our clients exposure to particles being removed from your skin…so don’t worry about inhaling anything you wouldn’t want to!

The way microdermabrasion works is easy to understand: quite simply, your skin illicit a regenerative response to the treatment, promoting a remodeling process for your skin. Your skin then becomes thicker, has more elasticity, and will look more healthy overall.

After your microdermabrasion treatments, you will also notice an improvement in texture, tone, reduced fine wrinkles, sun damage, a reduction in enlarged pores, and more visibly reduced stretch marks after your treatment plan is complete!

Be sure to call the shop for more information, or to book your appointment now for one of our many microdermabrasion services at (609) 584-1775, or, alternatively you may use the booking form on our site:


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